Modern Business Leadership by inspiring and involving people

The successful businesses are all being managed by leaders. They do the right things and do things right.


  • believe in their people
  • motivate their people by demonstrating the power of ‘mutual commitment’
  • creating team-spirit
  • transformational
  • future- orientated

Modern business managers:

  • challenge the status quo and conventional wisdom
  • think in the globalised competition
  • build their business models around people
  • value competence, skills, knowledge and value-added contributions
  • have strong strong vision
  • excite their people by sharing their vision, so that changes are not resisted

Successful business are managed by business leaders who succeed by inspiring and involving their people. Leaders who recognise and value contributions from all in the team.

Reading the AHRP magazine 2010, made me want to share this..
(source: Areff Salauroo, “Modern Business Leadership: Sustainable Results through People”, AHRP magazine 2010)

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