What will corporates learn from this Arab revolution?

People live
People breathe
People eat
People drink
People think
People meet
People talk
People discuss

People use voices
People use messengers
People use smoke signals
People use light signals
People use telegrams
People use fax machines
People use (mobile) phones
People use the internet

People communicate to
Spread the word
Inform and share with others
Discuss with others
Reflect their own thoughts
Express their feelings

If people are unsatisfied
If they express their feelings
If they discuss the situation
If they spread the word
If they are willing to do something about it…

You should fight it
You should prevent access to social media
You should shut down internet
You should shut down mobile networks
You should set a curfew
You should prevent them to communicate

The result…

What was the role of Social Media?

Egypt’s president Mubarak steps down

Please think… 

Will corporates keep preventing employees from access to social media?

(bron: nu.nl, cnn.com)

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